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Printografik is a pioneering Indian print house, which specializes in retail packaging and price ticketing. Since India's advent onto the world's sourcing map in the 1980s, Printografik has been servicing this niche segment of export factories and suppliers in the Indian sub-continent.

Printografik is the first Indian company to provide barcode variable data and order batch marking tickets and labels under Service Bureau protocols. It is also the first printer to introduce EAS-integrated ticketing in India.

Today, we work with highly respected global retail brands, under stringent workflow processes, social and environmental compliance pre-qualifications to provide top quality printing services.

Our clientele extends to the fast-growing vendor networks of the emerging Indian retail industry.

RobinAge & Bright Sparks

As a print house that services markets all over India for an international clientele, Printografik's outreach has spread across India as well as to several other countries. With time we felt the need to apply our print resources to work towards the social enrichment and cultural education of the young in our country. With the new millennium we took the first step in this direction—we started a publishing company, Deep Prakash, that would go on to print age-appropriate reading material for children. The idea slowly evolved into a newspaper for children. On April 17, 2008 we released the first issue of RobinAge—a weekly newspaper for schoolchildren and preteens, distributed across the country via subscription.

Printografik sponsors the multicolour printing of RobinAge on high quality art paper to encourage the joy of reading and journalistic participation of its young readers—in the spirit of Care.Share.Dare. Today, RobinAge reaches 70,000 readers across over 2,000 schools in India and can be read online too.

In 2013, we extended the idea of RobinAge into an activity centre for children called Bright Sparks.

Bright Sparks complements the content of RobinAge by providing children opportunities for creative hands-on learning through a variety of workshops and skill-development programmes.

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