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Printografik fulfills customer needs with sensitivity to social responsibility, environmental conservation, fair practices and ethical concerns. These are adhered to by strict employee health & safety, forest safety and chain-of-custody compliances along with ISO and print color management certifications.

We work for 100% quality assurance, raw material specification integrity and color profile standards to ensure international quality for our supplies.


ISO 12647

ISO 9001:2008
Printer certication that validates Printografik's necessary process controls & ability to deliver consistent results. Monitors supplier performance, establishes standards, performance measurement, maintains control and compliance for print projects undertaken by Printografik.. The 12647 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard provides standard process control aim points and tolerances for various printing methods and processes. Quality Management System qualifies our management principals including strong customer focus,the motivation and implication of practices,process approach and continuous improvement as the core operating strength. This gives an edge to Printografik in ensuring consistent customer satisfaction,top quality product & services for fulfilling our assignments with mutual benefit.

Social & EHS Compliance
Conformance to rules of social accountability in policy & practices including employee health, work place safety, fundamental rights & business ethics on a continual basis in order to protect & enhance the community and environment in which we operate. Our compliance standards are certified by various customer audits. Our company social responsibility activities for print resources in aid of education & edutainment include our sponsorship initiative towards publishing RobinAge a weekly newspaper in English for school children.